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Kjos Multimedia Library: Resources for Performance Assessment in Band, by Wendy Barden

Thanks to the elementary/ and intermediate band directors who have generously shared assessment tools used in their district!

If you have specific questions about any of the assessment tools listed below, you are invited to contact the teacher via email (click on name).


Wilson School District (West Lawn/Reading, PA), Mrs. Donnasue Thompson

Parkland School District (Allentown, PA), Dr. Scott Watson et al.

Progress Report (sent home in January, following rental "trial period")

Achievement Charts


Fleetwood (PA) School District, Middle School, Mr. Kris Nygard

Playing Test Rubric (Winds)

Playing Test Rubric (Percussion)

Southern Lehigh School District (Coopersburg, PA), Dr. Nancy Beitler

Blue Mountian Middle School (Westchester, NY), Mrs. Amy Richter

(FYI, the following are resources for addressing NYS Arts Standards 3a, b (Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art) using Common Core W4 (writing/communication) and W2d (terminology):

Derry County Middle School (Hershey, PA), Mr. John Gabriele

6th Grade, 1st Quarter (See below for material for entire year, and comments by the teacher.)

6th Grade, Quarters 2-4

Battery Percussion: Snare Drum Grip Checklist

Battery Percussion: Snare Drum Sticking

From John Gabriele: "I use the first one as a first quarter assessment. The second attachment I use for the rest of the school year - the Eb Scale is for the 2nd quarter; the Melodic Interpretation is for the 3rd quarter; and the Technical Interpretation is for the 4th quarter. I have these for each instrument...

I also do the last two with snare drums. AND all percussionists have to do the 6th grade Assessment/scales on xylophone/bells...

In band rehearsal I do a variety of "formative" assessments using the Froseth MLR Verbal Association Skills Program with Rhythm. This is the one on CDs in which the announcer says Du, Du, Du De, Du and one imitates on a pitch and the SmartMusic Play by Ear Exercises. I projected the rhythms/notes onto an overhead so all the band can see them. I also have made PowerPoints with the Froseth Rhythm Flash Cards."

Bangor Middle School (Bangor, PA), Mrs. Debra Heiney

Mrs. Heiney provides an excellent overview of her approach to assessment (diagnostic, formative and summative) in these two documents.