Fingering Charts - Can't remember how to finger that new note you just learned? Or maybe you're exploring new music with notes you've never seen before. Among the band resources on this page are fingering charts for all band instruments (thanks to the fine folks at Alfred Publishing).

Music Flash Cards, Etc. (Linkwire) - Lots of downloadable teaching aids at this Linkwire site. Check it out.

Woodwind Fingering Charts -Here is a great collection of woodwind instrument fingering charts. Thanks to Parkland High School band director, Jason Lerew, for submitting this site! Related: Fingering Diagram Builder (for making woodwind fingering diagrams).

Online Metronome - Need a steady beat while rehearsing? Use the metronome at! To hear the metronome better, connect the output of your computer to a sound system and/or powered speakers. - Download hundreds of pieces of sheet music for all instruments at all levels. Young players will have to look carefully to find something of an appropriate difficulty level, but this is definitely worth checking out!

Staff Paper Generator - Design and print out your own blank music manuscript paper for composing, etc. A neat feature of Ricci Adams' site. Click on "Staff Paper Generator" from the list of utilities.

Band Seating Chart Generator - Enter the number of students for each semi-circular row (arc) and this online tool creates a seating chart. - A great, web-based (online) music notation application.

Zeswitz Music Store - A representative from Zeswitz visits Parkland elementary schools every Thurs. during the academic year to pick up repairs and other supplies ordered by Parkland staff and families. The phone number for the store is 610-582-2081. The school rep from Zeswitz to Parkland School District is Mr. Glen Philips (email:; phone: 610-334-4881).

Parent Instrument Buying Guide - Avoid the hassle of buying a poor quality band instrument for your this!