Ooga Horn Instructions

One of my most popular pieces for young band calls for an "Ooga Horn" in the percussion section. Click here for a sound clip and other information. Many bands use the optional "taxi horn" (brass horn w/rubber bulb), but it's much effective to use an actual ooga horn - the kind you'd find on an old fashioned Model-T car. You can build your own Ooga Horn for about $30. I've used this very set-up and it worked great!

Materials (click item to go to website to orderI_377204_SW_1.jpg
1. Ooga Horn (J.C. Whitney)
2. A "standard" horn switch, which is included with the above horn when you order from J.C. Whitney
3. Board on which to mount the horn and switch
4. 12v car battery OR 12v battery charger for power source

Follow these DIRECTIONS for wiring the horn, switch, and battery. Mount the entire rig to the board for ease of use and transport:

This Ooga Horn rig is pretty loud, so you may need to cover the horn with a towel or blanket to mute it. You can use the horn for pieces such as THE KLAXON March (Henry Fillmore) and GHOSTS IN THE GRAVEYARD (Scott Watson). Here's the one I built and have used several times:
Homemade Ooga Horn